Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mary's Consent

Salvation would be God's gift, but it had to be accepted.  It had been lost by the first parents of the human race, mysteriously described in the event of the Book of Genesis, and it would be recovered by the free consent of the human being who would accept the absolute salvation of God.

It is fruitful to meditate on the fact that this event took place in the most silent of ways.  Just as no one had ever head the explosion that was the "big bang," just as no one hear the cosmic events in the sky because they go on in a world where there are no ears to hear them, so also the event that would be the re-creation of the world took place in the absolute silence of the inner being of a single human.

The Gospel of St. Luke describes this event which is the second creation of the world.  It is as mysterious and spell-binding, as utterly overpowering to the human intellect as the great explosion at the beginning of creation.  But this time it includes the freedom of the human will.  The human will had once chosen evil, now it would choose good.

from Quiet Moments with Benedict Groeschel, 120 Readings

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