Thursday, June 14, 2012

Novena to the Sacred Heart, Day 9

A Radical Heart

while extremely patient, You never hesitated to mince words.
You cut through pious appearances and flowery speech
and got directly to the heart of the matter.
And You readily pointed out when thoughts and ideas were worldly,
and not in conformity with the Father's plan.
You would not allow anyone to hinder You
in fulfilling of God's will.
May I whole-heartedly embrace my crosses in life
just as you embraced Yours.
May I see my crosses as gifts from You,
gifts meant for my growth in faith and love.
May I see them as possibilities
not as things to be endured.
May I accept the Father's will
just as You did --
You gave me the perfect example to follow.
In taking up my crosses,
 may I follow You along the path to holiness.
Sacred Heart of Jesus,
Radically committed to the Father's Will,
make my heart like unto Yours.

Some scripture texts for further prayer and meditation:
Matthew 5:29; 16:22, 23
John 4:34

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