Thursday, June 7, 2012

Novena to the Sacred Heart, Day 2

A Pure Heart

Jesus, in your purity of heart,
You show us that our love
must be untainted by anything unworthy.
Yours was an authenticity with which none could compare.
Your love is true without self-interest or other intentions.
You see each person as they truly are
and not for what You could gain from them.
Your love wasn't conditional on what you could gain;
Your love was simple and untainted, clean and umblemished.
Help us to put aside self-interest, secondary motives,
and motives that are not noble.
May we be mindful to watch and pray.
When we experience the purifying fire of your love,
may we not shrink back,
but rather examine ourselves
to help unearth the impurities
that hinder our ability to love.
Help us with the fire of your love.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus,
pure and clean of heart,
make my heart like unto Yours.

Some scripture texts for further prayer and meditation:
Matthew 5:8
Luke 7:36-50

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