Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Novena to the Sacred Heart, Day 7

A Joyful Heart

true joy shines from within
reflecting the fullness of life.
Sadness, frustration, anxiousness and fearfulness
are not Your desire.
You wish to share your happiness with me.
Little children naturally were attracted to You --
and basked in your company.
Mary sat at your feet, choosing the better part.
You teach me about the Father's love,
so that I may knew true joy.
It is Your own joy that you desire to share with me.
Lord, may my joy be true:
not a painted-on, artificial smile
but rather reflected from my inmost being.
May I know the true joy
of knowing You day by day,
in the little as well as in the great events.
May my anguish and vanity vanish,
and be replaced with the deep joy that only You can give.
May joy be the gift I offer to others,
and may I always be a cheerful giver.

Sacred Heart of Jesus,
joyful of heart,
make my heart like unto Yours.

Some scripture texts for further prayer and meditation:
Luke 10:21
John 15:11
John 16:22, 24
Romans 8:38-39
Philippians 4:4

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